Günther Klebinger

The fascinating artistic possibilities of his father’s Minolta Hi-Matic E awakened Günther Klebinger’s passion for photography sometime around 1984. After his initiation through vacation photography as a teenager, this love lay dormant for a few years – not least because the film development was way too expensive. Günther Klebinger rediscovered photography for himself while on vacation in Israel and soon bought a Canon EOS 500D, with which he was able to start develop his own style. Later he focused on lost place photography and especially street photography, for which he visited many exciting – and sometimes also forbidden – places around Europe and the Middle East. Today he mainly takes photos on the street (an inexhaustible pool of spontaneous and unique motifs) with his Fujifilm X-E4 (alternatively the Fujifilm X10, the Fujifilm X-T5 or the good old Hi-Matic E).

Günther Klebinger is a part-time dilettante in the best sense of the word: he spends most of his days as managing director of the advertising agency 3WM, and he devotes his weekends to photography with great love.

Main-Post, 28. August 2015